Thursday, May 7, 2009


Richard Burr consultant Paul Shumaker says the DSCC is running a web video attacking the Senator because Democrats are having difficulty getting a candidate to run.

Perhaps Mr. Shumaker has forgotten that Kay Hagan didn't get into the race against the much stronger Elizabeth Dole until October. We've got at least another five months and we'll be fine.

Certainly I'd prefer to see Roy Cooper or another strong Democratic contender step up sooner than later, but after panicking my way through most of 2007 about the lack of a candidate I've learned my lesson to be patient and things should work out.

I'd be a lot more worried if I was the consultant to an incumbent Senator who consistently shows an approval rating in the mid-30s.


Anonymous said...

Burr is stronger then Dole ever was.

Tom Jensen said...

Dole beat Erskine Bowles by twice as much percentage wise as Burr and had better approval ratings throughout her first term.

Burr may end up with a better fate than Dole's but he is in a considerably worse place than she was at the same point in the cycle two years ago.

GSOBadger said...

Plus Burr had the advantage in 2004of a big Bush win in the state, something Dole didn't have in 2006 and he won't have in 2010.

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