Friday, May 29, 2009

Coming next week...

We'll have kind of a random variety of stuff:

-Approval ratings for Barack Obama and the state's Governor and Senators in West Virginia. His level of popularity with Democrats there is about the same as we found last week in Oklahoma so that probably tells you what you need to know.

-A look at whether North Carolinians think Sonia Sotomayor should be confirmed- the results so far have been a little surprising.

-Our second to last Virginia primary poll. That one's a surprise so far too although we'll be in the field a couple more days. Looks like the WaPo endorsement could really make a difference.

And the road to Omaha for the Tar Heel baseball team starts this afternoon so I'm off to see a thrilling Coastal Carolina-Kansas game before the main event tonight- go Diamond Heels!


Reed Shaw said...

I'm sensing good news for Creigh in VA?

Rasmus said...

Yeah, I think that Moran is bleeding support to Deeds.

Venu said...

I just hope for some high turnout.... We can go for 400,000 if we just get the word out!

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