Friday, May 22, 2009

Closing the book on Oklahoma

Well I don't think there's much hope for Democrats in Oklahoma next year.

Tom Coburn might retire but I doubt Brad Henry is going to get in the race and even if he does I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being 2004 all over again, when Brad Carson was a great candidate who just couldn't overcome the conservatism of the state.

The fact that Henry doesn't start out with the lead against some possible opponents is pretty discouraging because this is actually one state where running against Barack Obama likely would be effective. The message that Democrats in Washington don't need any more control would be a powerful one in the Sooner State, and could very well have the potency to overcome someone like Henry's personal popularity.

Republicans aren't likely to have the kind of success Democrats did in 2006 and 2008 running against the President, but if there's one place where they will it's Oklahoma.

Needless to say when the voters in a state think Rush Limbaugh's vision for America is better than Barack Obama's, Democrats are going to be fighting an up hill battle.


Brandon said...

Quick question. Is public policy polling a partisan polling agency or not? Just asking.

Brandon K said...

Yes, but they have a great track record.

(Not the same Brandon as above. :) )

Rasmus said...

They're doing internal polls for Democratic candidates and use the money they earn from that to do their own, public polls. The analysis of that may be partisan, the public polls themself are not.

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