Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Party Affiliation of Teachers and State Employees

Tomorrow we're going to have our dreary new numbers out on Bev Perdue. One of the things we did on this poll was break down her approval by whether respondents were public school teachers or state employees.

You can see how she did with those groups tomorrow but for today I thought it was interesting to look at the party identification of those folks.

Among teachers we surveyed 56% were Democrats, 36% Republicans, and 8% independents.

For other state employees it was 56% Democrats, 33% Republicans, and 10% independents.

The breakdown we're finding for the state as a whole right now is 49% Democrats and 35% Republicans so they are, as you would expect, more Democratic than the population at large but not perhaps as monolithically left leaning as might have been anticipated.

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