Monday, May 4, 2009

Suggestions for Hypothetical Burr Polling?

So it's time for our big monthly North Carolina poll and once again we're open to suggestions about who to poll against Richard Burr. Hopefully Roy Cooper will run but until he gets into it we're going to keep testing folks.

Here's how they've stacked up so far:


Margin Relative to Burr

Roy Cooper


Generic Democrat


Mike McIntyre


Elaine Marshall


Heath Shuler


Jim Neal


Cal Cunningham


Other ideas for questions we should put on the poll are welcome too. We're going to break down all of our results this time by whether respondents are teachers/public employees to get a better idea of how much Bev Perdue was hurt (or not) with some of her base last week.


Unknown said...

You haven't done Richard Moore yet? I thought you'd done Moore...?

Tom Jensen said...

Daily Kos polled Richard Moore in January, but we haven't (and won't since he's pretty firmly stated he's not running.)

URDumb said...

With all the party switching going on in the Senate these days, I'd like to know if folks in NC would be more likely, less likely or indifferent to re-electing Richard Burr if he switched party affiliation to Democrat and vowed to support our President?

So, in a sense, I'd love to see Burr (R) polled against Burr (D).

That's wicked good print fodder.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dean Smith
Mike Easley
Jim Hunt Jr.
Walter Jones (As A Democrat)

Unknown said...

How about former AG and SOS Rufus L. Edmisten

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