Wednesday, May 6, 2009

McAuliffe supporters are most committed

You might think that with Terry McAuliffe picking up a lot of support in the last month from people seeing his tv ads and getting his mailers that his support might be softer than that for Brian Moran and Creigh Deeds in the contest to become the Democratic nominee for Governor of Virginia.

In our poll this week though McAuliffe's supporters actually came out as the most solidly committed to their candidate. 64% of respondents who said they were planning to vote for McAuliffe said they would definitely do so. 55% of Moran's supporters said that and 52% of Deeds' were.

That's obviously good news for McAuliffe but it doesn't change the nature of how up for grabs this contest is. If you break down the numbers with just the voters who are solidly committed McAuliffe is at 19%, followed by Moran at 11%, and Deeds at 7%. 36% are undecided and 27% have a current preference but could change their minds. There are a lot of voters out there to be won.

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