Thursday, May 14, 2009

Williams well respected- even by Duke fans

Basketball fans in North Carolina might not be as partisan as you think.

On our poll this week 61% said they have a favorable opinion of UNC coach Roy Williams with just 9% saying they have an unfavorable one. But what's really interesting is how those numbers break down among fans of Duke and NC State.

68% of Duke fans have a favorable opinion of Williams with 15% unfavorable. Among State fans it's 60% favorable and 11% unfavorable. Among Wake Forest fans the spread is 59/12.

Maybe Roy Williams is just such a quality guy he transcends school loyalties- or there might just not be as much hate out there as you might expect. I think we might have to look next month at whether people are equally as admiring of Mike Krzyzewski.

Among UNC fans 76% have a favorable opinion of Roy with 3% unfavorable. I guess some folks just expect the team to win the national championship every year. Or maybe they were disgruntled they lost four games last year instead of going undefeated. Some people are hard to please.

Full results here

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GSOBadger said...

Ok, but you really should test Coach Mo!

Canes Rule! Go Canes!

Couldn't resist!

LanceS (change in blog forces me to use my Google Blog name instead of the one I've always used here in the past).

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