Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Letting you choose

We said earlier we were going to do a general election match ups poll in Virginia this week so that folks could see the comparative electabilities of the Democratic candidates a week out from the primary. But after Research 2000 and Survey USA put out their own numbers on that last week several people have written and asked why we can't just do another primary poll.

So I'm going to let you vote. We can do the general election poll we had planned (which would also include approval ratings for Tim Kaine, Jim Webb, and Mark Warner) or we can do a primary poll. If we do the primary poll we'll add a series of questions hitting at electability along the lines of 'If Creigh Deeds was the Democratic nominee for Governor, would you vote for him this fall?' and ask that for each of the contenders.

So you can vote and we'll do whatever wins out.


Anonymous said...

Who won the vote?

Tom Jensen said...

Primary. It should be out Tuesday.

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