Friday, May 15, 2009

Obama approval consistent in NC

Four months into his term President Barack Obama continues to get consistently solid reviews from North Carolina voters.

51% approve of his job performance, with 41% disapproving. His approval has been in the 51-54% range every month since he took office.

It's interesting that Obama's popularity in the state has remained steady while Bev Perdue's has plummeted. Clearly she is getting more of the blame for the bad economy than he is. With the stimulus package and other initiatives he's had more of a chance to articulate to the electorate what he's doing to try to turn the economy around, where Perdue has been more in a position where she just has to deliver one piece of bad news after another.

Obama's numbers also provide more confirmation of where Perdue's support is falling apart. While the President and Governor have similar reviews from conservatives, Obama is running 38 points ahead of Perdue among liberals and 23 points ahead with moderates.

The same basic contour of Obama's numbers continues: very popular with Democrats, not at all popular with Republicans, pretty much split with independents. 81% of folks in his own party but only 12% of GOP identifiers approve of his job so far, and he has a positive 48/45 spread with independents.

Full results here

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