Wednesday, May 13, 2009

E. Edwards for Senate?

Our poll yesterday found that 58% of North Carolinians have a favorable opinion of Elizabeth Edwards. That's higher than our most recent findings for Barack Obama (54%), Roy Cooper (41%), Richard Burr (35%), Kay Hagan (33%), and even Andy Griffith (56%).

Those numbers make me inclined to test her as a Senate candidate against Richard Burr next month if Cooper still hasn't jumped into the race. It wouldn't be the first time someone with a serious illness was elected to that body nor would she be the first woman who saw an increase in popularity from a sympathetic public after she decided to keep her family together despite her husband cheating on her.

That said, I doubt that Edwards' popularity would hold up under the scrutiny of a statewide campaign. I think folks would just judge her in a completely different way at that point and it probably wouldn't be nearly as positive.

What do you think about a) the possibility of an E. Edwards candidacy and b) how she would fare?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The netroots would support her big time, but the fact that she couldn't stop John from running and the fact that he would be around would probably harm her too much.

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