Monday, May 11, 2009

Where should we poll this week?

The four choices for this week are the Republican primary for New Jersey Governor, the general election for New Jersey Governor, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma.

We're offering the two New Jersey races as separate choices because if we poll the primary I only want to interview likely primary voters, rather than interviewing likely general election voters about the primary. Just our methodological preference.

Either way we will begin regular polling of the New Jersey race once the candidates are set early next month.

In Wisconsin we'd see how Paul Ryan would do against Russ Feingold, as well as how Scott Walker and Mark Neumann stack up against Jim Doyle.

In Oklahoma we would test Brad Henry and Dan Boren against Tom Coburn, even though that seems like a long shot, and also against Tom Cole- any other possible GOP contenders if Coburn retires we should look at? And in the Governor's race Jari Askins and Drew Edmonson against Mary Fallin and J.C. Watts. Let me know if we're missing anything. The voting is open until Wednesday at 10 AM.

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Rob said...

Perhaps former Congressman Ernest Istook would consider running for an open senate seat? At the very least, he could still have some residual name recognition from his 2006 gubernatorial challenge. Like Cole, the former NRCC chairman, Istook might be slightly more than "generic R."

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