Thursday, May 21, 2009

Teasers on Virginia

The poll will be out sometime around mid day tomorrow morning but a couple points of preview:

-Only one candidate has gained since our last poll two and a half weeks ago.

-Primary voters with a negative opinion of Terry McAuliffe are almost evenly split with 40% supporting Brian Moran and 35% for Creigh Deeds. That divide may be what ends up ensuring a victory for him- if it was a one on one contest I have to think the race would be tied or even showing a slight advantage to the candidate who was not Terry. But the field is what it is and the inability of either candidate to corral the anti-McAuliffe vote is allowing him to maintain a lead.

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Dale Sheldon-Hess said...

This is why parties should move to a non-plurality voting system for their primaries. Plurality fails painfully when faced with more than two strong options.

Score voting, or at least approval voting, (, would result in better candidates, which would mean more general-election victories.

(And before someone pipes up to suggest IRV, IRV doesn't do a good job of it either; IRV only works if there are two strong options and the rest are weak.)

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