Friday, June 12, 2009

Coming up...

-On Monday we'll have our poll showing a midwestern Governor trailing by eight points for reelection next year.

-Over the course of the week we'll be rolling out our new North Carolina poll. Here's a preview:

-Bev Perdue continues to be very unpopular.

-Richard Burr will not like the answer to this question:
Do you think that Richard Burr deserves another term in the US Senate, or is it time to give someone else a chance? If you think Burr deserves another term, press 1. If you think it’s time to give someone else a chance, press 2. If you’re not sure, press 3.
-And by popular demand we'll find out if Coach K is as popular as Roy Williams, after we looked at the UNC coach last month.

-Later in the week we'll have our monthly look ahead to 2012 at the national level.

-Finally, looking further ahead we'll start up our monthly general election polling for Virginia and New Jersey with one of them coming out the week of the 22nd and the other the week of the 29th.

Have a good weekend, and let's hope the Heels do well in Omaha! I fly out for the championship series on the 22nd and it would sure be nice if they were in it.


Carter in Carolina said...

On Monday we'll have our poll showing a midwestern Governor trailing by eight points for reelection next year.

What a tease, but I'll bite. I'm guessing Chet Culver in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Just ask "Should Sen Burr be re-elected?" as opposed to that "Isn't it time someone else had a turn" type of loaded question.

Rasmus said...

Awesome. It's bad news for Doyle of course (that's my bet on your trailing governor), but it's great how much you've planned for us in the next weeks.

Tom Jensen said...

I think it's a stretch to say the Burr question is loaded. Certainly was not intended to be.

Anonymous said...

It's not a criticism of you guys, but that question in general is always a misleading predictor, partly because of the bias in the wording. Quinnipiac has the same problems with their wording.

Jerimee said...

Richard Burr's supporters have had a pretty good turnout at

Tom Jensen said...

That's why we do scientific polling.

Ian Lazaran said...

Prediction: Thompson is leading Doyle by 8.

Any worthwhile tease on '12 poll? Prediction: Obama is at 53/40 approval/disapproval.

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