Monday, June 15, 2009

Doyle in Trouble

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has just a 34% approval rating, and trails two potential 2010 opponents in hypothetical contests.

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has a 48-40 lead over Doyle and former Congressman Mark Neumann has a 42-41 edge.

Doyle remains relatively popular within his own party, but meets with approval from just 6% of Republicans and also finds disapproval from 69% of independents. The difficulty with independents is unique to Doyle- a PPP release tomorrow looking at federal level politicians in Wisconsin finds Barack Obama, Russ Feingold, and Herb Kohl all finding approval from voters who don't identify with either major party.

Neither of the Republicans is particularly well known statewide, with 33% of voters holding a favorable opinion of Walker and 26% having one of Neumann, so it seems safe to say their strong performance in the poll has a lot more to do with Doyle than it does with either of them.

The incumbent does have one great ally, and that is time. With November 2010 more than 16 months away he will certainly have an opportunity to rehabilitate his image before then, particularly if the economy starts to move more in the right direction.

Full results here.


Dave W said...

Interesting. Research 2000 (along with Daily Kos) had a poll done June 8-10 they released last week showing Doyle leading Walker by 12% and Neumann by 14%. I'd be curious if you have looked at their poll and can determine why there is such a huge disconnect between your poll and their poll.

Anonymous said...

the dailykos poll reflects what I see as the accurate situation here and has been the case here for years. Doyle is doing fine.

Walker comes off as a clueless child being nursed along by backroom fatcat foundations with bright ideas like defunding public pools suddenly suddenly last august or outsourcing the county International Airport operations to some of his business buddies who envision big profits for themselves.

Ben Masel said...

The budget. Doyle had to pick between bad choices, but most of that will wear off. The sharp increase in cigarette taxes, coming on the heels of the federal hike, hurts.

Anonymous said...

The reason the other poll is so off is because it is the Daily Kos poll. Anything co-sponsored by them cannot be trusted as accurate. Doyle IS IN BIG TROUBLE! The if you think the Daily Kos is fair so is Fox News.

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