Friday, June 12, 2009

Edmondson starts out stronger but...

Drew Edmondson made his candidacy for Governor of Oklahoma official earlier this week. Based on the initial poll we did of the race last month he is the stronger Democratic candidate.

We found that 59% of Democrats have a favorable opinion of him, compared to 48% for Jari Askins. He also starts out as a stronger general election candidate. He gets better reviews among Republicans (32% favorable to 26% for Askins) and independents (27% favorable to 19% for Askins), and is more competitive in a head to contest with Mary Fallin, trailing by ten points to Askins' 16.

At the same time you can argue these comparative numbers are pretty good for Askins. She's been in statewide office for two and a half years to Edmondson's 14 and a half and doesn't have the family name that carries a lot of weight in Oklahoma politics. Based on those facts you might expect Edmondson's initial numbers to be vastly superior to those of Askins, and that's not the case.

Of course it's a long time until 2010!


gibson said...

When the public stops to compare the records of the candidates, they will see that Edmondson has done far more for the State of Oklahoma than any of the other candidates. For example, Water is one of Oklahoma's most important resources. Edmondson is the only state office holder I am aware of who has made an all-out effort to clean the polution out of our rivers and streams to make them safe for recreation and as a source of good drinking water. All politicians talk, but Edmondson performs well on all levels. Republicans came close to wrecking the entire world economy and left millions jobless, homeless, and desperate. Drew Edmondson cares and offers a more trustworthy, experienced leadership. There are no buts about it.

Anonymous said...

Lt. Governor Askins is more qualified than any candidate. Having served in all branches of Government her perspective is unique and that equals quality leadership. Edmondson has let a lot of Oklahomans down with the water rights issue, particularly on Southeastern Oklahoma -losing to Texas. Jari is more traveled and is well liked by all she encounters. She has been a remarkable Lt Governor and will move Oklahoma forward and has the energy and vitality to beat Fallin.

Erik_G_Roscom said...

Edmondson has been around longer, is a better candidate and I believe will win the nomination for the democrats. He's got a great quality about him that people like, and while I love jari [and I really do, she is a wonderful lady, and can't meet someone nicer than Jari]. I will pull for Edmondson.

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