Friday, July 10, 2009

Coming next week

We'll have our big monthly North Carolina poll:

The biggest questions are probably whether Barack Obama is seeing a decline in his numbers like we're finding other places and whether Bev Perdue's approval numbers can get any lower. Based on preliminary responses the answer to both questions is yes, although not by a large degree. And that could change as we do more interviews over the weekend.

We're going to start doing monthly tracking of Cal Cunningham and Kenneth Lewis against Richard Burr since it seems like they may be the Democratic candidates- and of course we can add to that mix if someone else serious jumps in. I will just about guarantee you Burr has a double digit lead against both of these guys until May 2010 at the earliest- that's what we found with Hagan and Dole.

We're also delving a little into which politicians voters are blaming for the economy, what they think of Sarah Palin and we'll have the much promised look at who North Carolina's favorites and least favorites are among the state's last seven Senators. It's already pretty clear it's a blowout on both fronts, which makes the results predictable.

We'll start rolling that stuff out Tuesday, stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

How's Palin doing in your preliminary numbers?

Anonymous said...

No hint yet Jensen? C'mon.

Tom Jensen said...

More popular than in Minnesota!

Favorables look relatively similar to her national numbers so far.

Anonymous said...

Still have the weekend to go.

You had Obama at 48% approval in Virginia. It would be odd for his North Carolina numbers to be higher than his Virginia numbers. Besides, you've noted that more and more voters are claiming social issues as their #1 issue.

C'mon, give us a ballpark of the matchup between the two youngsters.
It's pretty clear that Minnesota won't be a swing state for anyone in 2012.

Tom Jensen said...

Obama is certainly doing better against Palin than he did against McCain in NC but it will be single digits.

Anonymous said...

Well, in your last poll, she was down by a margin of 5 points worse than McCain's defeat. So it would make sense that she's trailing by a bigger margin.

Anonymous said...

Also Tom, we still have the weekend to go. Time for a comeback :)

Anonymous said...

What about NC Congressional races? The folks in Watauga County say NC Senator Steve Goss is going to challenge Virginia Foxx. Two time sitting Senator, southern baptist minister, strong in the at least 4 western counties. Why no real candidates ever from Forsyth?

What about the Right targeting the 8th now? Thanks

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