Monday, July 6, 2009

Interesting South Carolina Poll Anomaly

Something within the crosstabs of a poll SurveyUSA conducted in South Carolina last week really caught my attention- Democrats are more likely to say Andre Bauer is prepared to be Governor than Republicans.

Overall 20% of South Carolinians say Bauer is completely prepared to take the top spot, while 38% say he is somewhat prepared and 34% say he is not prepared.

Despite Bauer's party label 41% of Republicans say he is not prepared, while only 28% of Democrats say so. And while 25% of Democrats say he's completely prepared, only 18% of Republicans do.

I think part of the reason for this is probably that Republicans are less inclined to support Mark Sanford resigning, so saying that Bauer is not ready to be Governor could help bolster their argument- Democrats on the other hand can justify supporting Sanford's resignation by saying Bauer is ready to take his office.

But I still don't think the numbers bode too well for Bauer's chances in a Republican primary next year.


Anonymous said...

Bauer has always "talked" the game of being a conservative, but actually he is not. He is just an old fashion deal cutter that knows the Christian Right will vote for anyone with a Bible in one hand and a flag in the other.

The real story here is not Mark Sanford, but a corrupt SC GOP that will tolerate fools, wannabes and the incompetent…all in the name of winning elected office.

Anonymous said...

How can you claim a man that has the public service record of Lt. Governor Bauer a "talker"? "Deal cutting" can also be viewed as a working to secure progress for the sake of our future. I am in favor of applying your principles in decision making but at the end of the day work has to be completed for progress to be made. I would challenge you to show me where he has "talked" conservatism and not "walked" it as well. I am a Republican and in full support of Mr. Bauer to hold the job now and in the future.

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