Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not a bad start for Lewis

Under the Dome reports Kenneth Lewis has raised almost 110k so far for a Senate bid next year.

That's not exactly going to have Richard Burr shaking in his boots, but it's not a bad start either. If nothing else it would seem to indicate there will be a more competitive primary on the Democratic side than there was in 2008. Last year Jim Neal only raised 288k for the entirety of his contest against Kay Hagan (he also loaned his campaign 120k.) Assuming that Cal Cunningham or some other candidate who enters the race starts out as the 'favorite,' Lewis' haul indicates he should at least have the money to get his message out in a better way than Neal did.

Personally I think a competitive primary will ultimately be a good thing for whoever ends up as the nominee against Burr, particularly if it is one of these folks who is not yet particularly well known.

We'll have our latest numbers on Burr, including match ups with Lewis and Cunningham, tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Tom, Tom,

I know you really want to see Burr go down but answer this question: how does any Dem get the African-American vote up to 20% in a non-presidential year and even assuming they were able to do so, win 95% of that vote?

Without either event occurring, Burr probably wins don't you agree?

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