Monday, July 27, 2009

The money number in New Jersey


That's the percentage of the Democratic vote Jon Corzine is getting against Chris Christie in the poll we'll be releasing tomorrow.

That cuts both ways. It shows how much trouble the Governor is having stirring the party base in advance of this fall's election. But it means he also has a lot of room to grow if he can convince them to come home by November.

That's been the story of many a New Jersey election in recent years- good early polling for Republicans that turns to defeat as Democrats get on the same page- we'll see if Corzine can keep that pattern or if Christie will manage to break the trend.


Anonymous said...

Tom, how's the other matchup going?

Tom Jensen said...

We did not do an Obama/Palin...that was just for a few weeks to gauge the impact of her resignation...we were not planning to ask that on every state poll for the next four years!

Anonymous said...


So what's your conclusion based on your data regarding "the impact of her resignation."

Tom Jensen said...

She did not hurt herself in the short term, the long term remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

My goodness.

Your June poll showed Corzine getting 75% of Democrats (Christie beat Corzine overall by a 50%-40% margin) and now Corzine gets just 64% of his own partY?

Brandon said...

" . . . the long term remains to be seen."

Haha, I hear the "hope" oozing out of that statement. Because if it doesn't happen, your worst nightmare might just come true?

Fox said...

Corzine can make up ground with Democrats, sure. And you have to suspect he will.

But he also needs to make up some serious ground with independents. Trouble is, his personal popularity is so low that his attacks are having trouble sticking.

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