Monday, July 6, 2009

Would Palin be helpful in Virginia?

Michael Steele says he wants Sarah Palin to help out in Virginia this fall.

Is that a good idea?

We polled voters in the state after Palin had been on the ticket for a month last fall and 46% of them said her presence on the ticket made them less likely to vote for John McCain, while only 37% said it made them more likely to do so. From the time she was selected to the time we conducted that poll we showed Barack Obama's lead in the state rising from two points to eight.

On the Virginia poll we have coming out tomorrow Bob McDonnell is doing quite well among independents. But last year they said by a margin of 44/36 that Palin's selection made them less likely to vote Republican.

She might be helpful in raising money, but if I was Bob McDonnell I think I'd tell her to keep away from public appearances in would have significant potential for creating a negative distraction from his campaign's message and could turn off voters in the middle he needs to win.

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