Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monthly Burr Numbers

Richard Burr's numbers are looking a little bit better than they did a month ago, perhaps owing to declining support for the President in North Carolina.

Burr's approval rating is now 36/29, an improvement from a 34/35 spread last month. And he now leads a generic Democratic candidate 40-38, after trailing by a 41-38 margin in June.

Burr leads likely Democratic opponents Cal Cunningham and Kenneth Lewis 40-31 and 42-31 respectively.

This poll provides continuing confirmation that independents in the state are leaning Republican as we move toward 2010. Even though they slightly disapprove of his performance, 35/33, they give Burr a ten point lead on the generic ballot and ones of 17 and 18 points over Lewis and Cunningham. It's an early indicator that messaging about not giving Democrats too much power may have some sway in the state next year.

Despite some signs of improvement, Burr continues to be in a weaker position than Elizabeth Dole was at this point two years ago. Our July 2007 survey found her with a 46% approval rating and a 43-27 lead over eventual opponent Kay Hagan. Cunningham and Lewis are both polling better right now against Burr than Hagan did in any of our surveys until after she had won the primary in May 2008.

The other thing noteworthy in the match ups with Lewis and Cunningham is that there are more than twice as many Democratic undecideds as Republicans, giving both of them a lot more room to grow than Burr.

Full results here


The Report said...

Democrat undecideds are only undecided becuase it is still a little to far away for most Democrats to really make their mind up. Lets face it. Cal, Ken and Elaine are all great candidates. I wish that all Three of them could win but there can only be one. I think Cal Cunningham is the one.

Anonymous said...

Cal Cunningham IS the one!

Anonymous said...

We need Cal in the US Senate seat. I believe he will take our issues to heart…not just listen at us, but as a fellow North Carolinian, he will listen to our issues and concerns with a kindred sprit. I say this because Cal knows that North Carolinians are faced with tough economic conditions and the highest unemployment rate in decades. North Carolina has an 11% unemployment rate to date. The unemployment rate for Davidson County, a small rural county and my place of residence is 13.7%. The furniture and textile manufacturing jobs, which were the major industries, were the benefactors of NAFTA. We need jobs-we need green jobs, and we need a public option health care system.

While I don’t expect Cal to be a perfect senator, I do expect accountability. Having said that, I believe that he will be honest and sincere about making sure that our voices are heard in Washington and in doing all he can to make life better for North Carolina citizens.

I hope he runs and I believe he will win. All the best Cal!


Anonymous said...

Interesting that both Cunningham and Lewis both trail the generic Democrat by at least 7 points. What is the reason, Tom? Sounds like people want a Democrat, but not these chaps.

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