Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gender not doing Perdue any favors

Bev Perdue may be North Carolina's first female Governor, but that's not getting her any sympathy from her fellow women as her approval rating continues on a downward spiral.

An average of PPP's last three monthly approval polls actually finds her less popular among women than men. On average 28% of women have approved of her job performance, with 53% disapproving. The numbers have been slightly better with men, as 32% approve to 52% disapproving.

For the sake of comparison, Kay Hagan is much more popular among women than men. 33% of women approve of the job she's doing while only 24% disapprove, compared to 41% of men disapproving and only 31% approving.

Female politicians, and especially Democratic female politicians, tend to be more popular with women than men. But Perdue is breaking the trend.

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