Friday, July 10, 2009

Taking your nominations for polling

Since we're locked into North Carolina, New Jersey, and Virginia for three of our weekly state polls a month it's been a while since we took your suggestions and let you vote but we're going to do that for the survey we'll conduct next weekend.

So where should we poll? Leave your ideas in the comments. We'll choose two or three of our favorites and put it to a vote on the blog the first few days of next week.

As always we are most interested in polling races that:

1) Could potentially show a sitting Senator or Governor up for reelection next year to be more vulnerable than is current public perception

2) Have had a minimal amount of public polling

But those aren't absolute requirements, so fire away.


Brandon K said...

I don't think you have done CT yet, so maybe you could venture there.

Also, you might want to take a stab in Massachusetts to see how vulnerable Patrick is. Include head to heads with the Republicans, and also try a three way race with Cahill as an Independent.

Anonymous said...


The place where it all started for Obama: Iowa.

Check to see how much danger Culver is in against hardcore social cons like King and Vander Platts.

Unknown said...

I vote for Mass. as well.

Anonymous said...

I have two...

Illinois.. I think it would be interesting to see what happens with the Burris announcement, plus there has been a lot of movement in the Gubernatorial race there. But everyone will be polling there.

Colorado... You guys did some polling there a while ago but it would be good to see movement there. Ritter was well liked, but his numbers seemed to have plummeted. Plus the Senate race there will be a key barometer for 2012 presidential.

Jeff said...

I'd love to see Louisiana. It will be interesting to see if Vitter is vulnerable or if he has been forgiven for his scandal. Also, Jindal's approval rating is worth looking at: it's a long way to 2011 (or 2012 if he has his sights higher) but it's worth checking out if the economy is bringing his numbers down, or if he's faring better than other governors.

Patrick said...

I would love to see an Indiana poll. It would be interesting to see how Obama's approval numbers are holding up given Indiana's more conservative nature.

Evan Bayh's numbers would be interesting to see also. He's generally been viewed as a safe incumbent, and I wonder if that's still the case. If the president's numbers are sliding in Indiana, could that make Bayh vulnerable?

Unknown said...

Alaska for sure.

Begich/Plain Approval/Favorability

Parnell Vs. Berkowitz

Murkowski Vs. Her potential opponents.

CD said...


Reed Shaw said...

Virginia is always the most interesting to see. Creigh's in a tight race!

the-thirds said...

We agree with the idea of polling Massachusetts. How would a three-way race for Governor play-out?

Anonymous said...

I`d like to see a state that has not been polled by anyone since the 2008 election.

How about Montana or Indiana to see how they have changed since then ?

Also, there's been no serious poll about the 2010 Missouri Senate race.

You could poll Romney, Huckabee and Palin vs. Obama there.

Anonymous said...

A poll of the two races in California could be interesting. Boxer has appeared suprising vulnerable in what polling is out there and the gubernatorial race is a pure tossup. Besides that maybe quality polling in Nevada for both races there.

Anonymous said...


Would Schuler accept Palin's endorsement in his district?

EXCLUSIVE: Palin to stump for conservative Democrats

Anonymous said...

Poll Nevada, Reid (is he really as vulnerable as people think?) and whether Ensign should resign or not amidst the resurrection of the story in the media.

Unknown said...

1. Missouri
2. Pennsylvania
3. Florida
4. Colorado
5. California (#2 with a prop 8/gay marriage question)

darren said...

Yeah, I vote for Alaska as well. It would be interesting to see how Palin is doing vs Obama after announcing her resignation.

Brandon K said...

Yeah, now that I think of it more, MO and PA are also good ones.

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