Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Interesting Civitas Findings

If you thought the Mike Easley saga might be what finally got voters in North Carolina to think it's the Democrats who are corrupt rather than the Republicans, Civitas' latest poll would tell you otherwise. 41% of respondents said Democrats are best equipped for fighting corruption while just 25% said it was the Republicans. Jack Abramoff and company evidently cast a very wide shadow on the GOP that has affected perceptions well beyond the 2006 general election.

They also found that 54% of voters think the state is on the wrong track while only 33% think it's going in the right direction...yet two questions later folks said by a 41-36 margin that if there was an election today they would vote Democratic for the legislature. I think a lot of baseline conditions right now are very bad for Democrats to keep control next year- more than anything the simple fact that unpopular things are going to have to be done to balance the budget and as the party in power they're going to be responsible. But as long as Republicans just put forth the shrilly negative message of leaders like Phil Berger and Paul Stam they might not be able to capitalize on the big opportunity they ought to have in 2010.

The best news for Democrats in this poll? When it comes to creating jobs and growing the economy respondents favor them 48-33 over the GOP. And as long as that remains the biggest issue for the electorate and voters continue to feel that way, the party will be alright.

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Unknown said...

One thing to remember about the R/D elect question: D's are well below the 50% mark, and the budget has yet to pass. If the D's pass the Gov's tax increase package, and with unemployment peaking at close to 15% in 2010, this number will quickly erode. Also, this is w/o any significant messaging about the controlling party's challenges. On, and the budget shortfall could be even worse next year.

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