Friday, July 17, 2009

Coming next week

On Monday we're going to have our monthly national poll looking forward to 2012. Obama's actually steady with independents from last month but continuing to lose the little crossover approval he had to begin with. But do Republicans need a new face from the well known quartet most discussed as possible nominees if they're going to be able to knock him off?

Tuesday and Wednesday we'll have the Louisiana poll. Bobby Jindal is a popular dude. Barack Obama is not. There are mixed messages on David Vitter.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Another sub-40% for Obama in LA?

Did you poll the soon-to-be former AK governor as well in the state?

Anonymous said...

And if you did, I'm assuming you polled both Jindal and Palin against Obama.

I'm guessing Barack isn't within 13 points of either of them. Sound about right?

Anonymous said...

Just for kicks Tom, perhaps you should consider polling Hillary as well.

I'd bet she's performing significantly better than Obama in nearly every state that you've polled in terms of personal approval/disapproval.

She'd make a much stronger nominee in 2012 should Obama continue declining as he is in every poll.

Anonymous said...

I would start testing Liz Cheney on your national polls... forget about Palin, unless you test her as an independent.

Tbone said...

Palin still has the potential to knock off Obama. Sarah is a superstar with appeal. It is not good news for Obama that he has sub 50's in 3 battleground states. Louisiana doesn't matter in 2012.

Armchair Editorialist said...

None of that seems shocking, and to the commenters who say that Obama is a failure (and Hillary should have been the nominee), I'd just like to point out that Reagan's approval dipped below 50% in his first term, but he came back to win every state but Minnesota. That doesn't mean Obama's gonna win like that (he won't), but it does mean that literally seven months into his term, with an approval rating in the mid-50s to low 60s, you can't say he's dead yet.
IMHO, these 2012 are mainly about the GOP candidates, to see which one does better in a matchup. I'm thinking Romney will be the most solid nationally, with Huck a close second, Palin far behind and with more negatives, and Pawlenty and Barbour with low numbers, but also low name recognition, meaning that even if they're polling badly, it could easily change once they become more well-known.

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