Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Perdue and Obama

Remember the constant drama last year about whether Bev Perdue was going to want to appear with Barack Obama on various campaign visits? I think it's safe to say any question about that has passed.

Consider these figures:

-83% of the North Carolinians who approve of Bev Perdue's performance also approve of Obama's.
-Only 42% of the ones who approve of Obama's performance also approve of Perdue's.

In other words Perdue has a whole lot more to gain from being seen with Obama at this point than vice versa. As she tries to rebuild her public support the folks who like Obama but not her are a pretty good place to start. 72% of them are Democrats, 36% are black, 59% are women, 80% are either liberals or moderates. All of those are groups Perdue cleaned up with at the polls but has lost support from since she took office...she'll need their support not just to get reelected but also to generate any sort of momentum for her policy agenda.

I don't think anyone foresaw the day where a black President from Chicago would have an approval rating twice as good in North Carolina as a white Governor from down east!

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