Monday, July 27, 2009

Health Care not a top concern for North Carolinians

Health care may be dominating the debate in Washington right now, but the recent prominence of the issue has not moved it too far up the list of North Carolinians' top issues in recent months.

Right now 8% of voters say that health care is their top concern. In July of 2008 it was 5%. In January of this year it was 4% and in April it was 9%.

The top three issues continue to be the economy and jobs at 48%, moral and family values at 14%, and education at 11%.

Among the voters who do list health care as their paramount concern, there is a lot of support for Barack Obama. 87% of those folks approve of his job performance, compared to a 49% approval rating overall.

Obama's visit this week may be an indicator that folks in DC are looking to North Carolina as a battleground in this fight, but the extent to which the issue is really grabbing the attention of the broader public and not just the usual political junkies is pretty unclear.


Anonymous said...

How's New Jersey looking for all the parties polled?

Realtor from Toronto said...

So why choose a battleground for this healthcare reform in North Carolina when the issue isn't as hot over there as it might be in other states? Strange.


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