Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fundraising Figures

Swing State Project as always does an excellent job, this time centralizing fundraising figures for members of Congress in swing districts.

Two big takeaways for me:

-Not that I thought he was anyway, but Mike McIntyre sure doesn't look like someone planning to make a bid for the Senate next year. His 121k raised is nothing out of the ordinary. By comparison a couple of Democrats who are looking to move up- Joe Sestak and Carolyn Maloney- raised over a million dollars and nearly 600k respectively. McIntyre certainly could pick up the pace if he decided to make a bid but he doesn't appear to have been laying the groundwork during this quarter.

-Larry Kissell's numbers aren't that hot. He raised 156k and has 214k on hand. Near as I can tell that lags all of his freshmen Democratic colleagues in competitive districts. It doesn't mean Kissell's in peril- he's shown an ability to do a lot with a little, especially in his 2006 campaign. But it's not likely to scare any potential challengers off either.

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