Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rural Virginia

Here is perhaps the most amazing stat on the Virginia Governor's race.

This week last year we found Barack Obama trailing John McCain 63-31 with rural whites in Virginia.

We have Creigh Deeds trailing Bob McDonnell 68-29 with that group.

Obama, the black guy from Chicago, was running seven points better with rural whites than Deeds, the white guy from Bath County.

These numbers would seem to indicate the much maligned Deeds Country tour in August was very necessary- it just wasn't very effective.

That's nowhere near Deeds' worst problem- that would be his running 33 points behind Obama in suburbia- but it does sort of encapsulate his troubles getting off the ground.


Anonymous said...

Stop dreaming. ACORN is being watched.

Anonymous said...

GROW UP AND GET HONEST...The baboon in the WH is going down.

Anonymous said...

Since the white redneck is doing worse among my fellow white rednecks than the Prez did, can we finally put to rest the idea that white rednecks are racist?

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