Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We're going to poll Virginia and Maine this weekend, we're open to your question suggestions.

One thing I'm interested to see in Virginia is how Tim Kaine would be doing against Bob McDonnell if he was allowed to run for reelection. That would go a long way toward showing whether the current state of the race there speaks to broader Democratic issues or if it's more specifically a Creigh Deeds issue. Other ideas for questions that would do a good job of speaking to the state of the race?

Maine we'll look at the gay marriage ballot proposal, next year's Governor's race, and of course approvals on all the state's major politicians. Any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

For Virginia, a hypothetical matchup/rematch between George Allen and Webb for the 2012 Senate seat.

the-thirds said...

We hope you include Peter Vigue in your questioning for possible Maine Gubernatorial candidates.

ChuckInSeattle said...

In Maine: the Public Option, esp. since Snowe is such a major player in the health care debate.

Unknown said...

In Maine you might consider asking if the barrage of healthcare ads actually had any effect on them? And to what extent? Did it change their opinions on the issue and/or Snowe? For those whose opinion it did change, did they call or write to Snowe?

Venu Katta said...

Question suggestion for Virginia:

Among Deeds supporters
"Do you think either Terry McAuliffe or Brian Moran would have been a better nominee than Creigh Deeds?

1. McAuliffe would have been better
2. Moran would have been better
3. Both would have been better
4. Neither would have been better
5. Not sure

McAuliffe's been touted as the 'would have been a better nominee' by several including the New York Times.

Unknown said...

Some form of A party switch question for the Maine ladies and how it would affect how people view and vote for them.

Anonymous said...

Check Palin's ratings in Virginia, especially among independents and moderate Republicans. McDonnell was all gung ho for her as late as July, now he is shunning her like she's got the glague. Do the polls explain this sudden about-face?

Anonymous said...

maybe some 2012 presidential match ups
e.g. Obama vs Romney
Collins (in Maine)

Anonymous said...

Is Olympia Snowe a liberal, moderate or conservative?

Is Susan Collins a liberal, moderate, or conservative?

Do you approve of both Snowe and Collins? One? If so, which?

If Olympia Snowe voted against healthcare reform with a public option, how will you vote in 2012? For her, against her or undecided?

If Susan Collins voted against healthcare reform with a public option, how will you vote in 2014? For her, against her or undecided?

Look at the Maine Primary/General Election for 2012.

Anonymous said...

In Virginia, as said above, Allen/vs Webb for 2012 or Webb's general election numbers.

You say you want to poll Kaine and see how he is doing against McDonnell. Why not poll Warner, TMcAullife, and Brian Moran? That makes a lot of sense.

See how offshore drilling is doing in Virginia (I think Kaine supported that), and...

If Jim Webb/Mark Warner voted no on healthcare reform with a public option, how would that change your vote?

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