Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hispanics in Colorado

The weekends tend to be slow for polling and I know you junkies need your fix so we're planning on releasing our newest Colorado poll tonight.

Remember when people were claiming earlier in the election cycle that Barack Obama was going to have a hard time with the Hispanic vote? In this newest survey he has a 71-21 lead with Hispanic voters. That's a major gain from our last poll in the state, when it was 57-36. If there are similar trends throughout the region it's safe to say New Mexico is going to be a landslide, Nevada is definitely going Obama, and Arizona, well, that may go on the list of states for you to choose from for our wild card poll next week.

But now on to more pressing things, go Heels, beat Notre Dame! Check back tonight...


Anonymous said...

As a soldier in the US Marines, who has fought in at least 2 wars and has won a bronze medal for bravery under intense enemy fire, I will never vote for a Muslim communist terrorist like Obama. These are the people I fought against in Iraq and I shall not accept them as president and commander in chief of our American Military Force.

McCain will win in a landslide against Obama in November, and will take Colorado by double-digits.

Deal with it, Libtards.


Mathis said...

Dear Steve:

Please post that comment in as many blogs as you can find; shout your ignorance from the rooftops. The unhinged anger and shocking idiocy of you and fellow McCain supporters are driving independent and moderate voters to Obama in droves.

One quick question: did you find out Obama was a Muslim from your HAM radio or does the reception of such zaniness require the wearing of a tinfoil hat?

Anonymous said...

"God bless American heroes like me..."

Gee, humble much?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Steve's post was so OTT and unhinged from reality that I wonder whether it's a put-on or a satire of some kind. Do you think it was real? Are there lots of folks out there like that?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch John McCain's concession speech. Ahhh...

My prediction is Obama +9.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this has anything to do with the insane crowds at the McCain/Palin rallies? I have to think that Hispanics, who were probably already moving away from the GOP because of these race-baiting tactics, are probably even more offended by this type of crap.

Anonymous said...

Steve no one gives a flying shit you were in the military.

Anonymous said...

"steve" is either a parody or a troll, and was never in the Marines, given his misspelling of "Semper Fi". Ignore him, everyone.

Anonymous said...

A couple more points:

"As a soldier in the US Marines"

A marine would NEVER call himself a soldier.

"who has fought in at least 2 wars"

You don't forget how many wars you've been in.

"and has won a bronze medal for bravery under intense enemy fire"

It's a bronze star, not medal.


Corps. Seriously?

Anonymous said...

steve, you fought communists in iraq?

if you are really a current marine, or a vet, need i remind you of your OATH, to this country & its constitution. you are honor and duty bound to serve, regardless of who is president. that is the code that all soldiers, seamen, marines and airmen are pledged to. to do less, shows you do not have the moral capacity to serve in our military. you should resign now.

Anonymous said...

Funny. Steve left that same comment over at 538 a few hours ago. And he misspelled Semper Fi and Marine Corps on that site as well.

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