Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama hanging strong in Virginia

Barack Obama 52
John McCain 43

There has been little movement in Virginia since PPP showed Obama leading there by eight points two and a half weeks ago.

Obama's having success in the state for the same reasons he is in other battlegrounds:

-Strong support from independent voters. He's up 48-39 with them in Virginia.

-A party that's just as unified as the Republicans are. For our third Virginia poll in a row he is actually doing slightly better with Democrats- 89-8- than John McCain is with Republicans- 88-10.

-A competitive performance with white voters. He trails only 53-42 with them in a state where McCain would likely need at least a 60-40 split to win.

-Overwhelming support from new voters. He's up 61-24 with those who did not vote in 2004.

-Voters making their choice on the economy. 59% of them are, and Obama has a 63-32 lead within that group.

Mark Warner leads Jim Gilmore 60-32 for the state's open Senate seat.

Full results here


Anonymous said...

"A competitive performance with white voters. He leads 53-42 with them in a state where McCain would likely need at least a 60-40 split to win."

You mean he *only trails* 53-42 with white voters, right?

mostman said...

Yeah - the internals confirm. Obama is _trailing_ among white voters. By the mentioned margin. Which is actually, not bad news at all.

Tom Jensen said...

Thank you for catching my typos!

Anonymous said...

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