Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Democrats controlling the agenda in Governor's race

Seeing GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Orr issue a statement in response to Richard Moore's proposal to reform DOT got me thinking about where most of the issues being discussed across party lines in this campaign are coming from.

It's the Democratic candidates.

One issue that generated a good deal of dialogue among candidates on both sides was Bev Perdue's proposal to create an independent commission to identify 250 million dollars in savings during each legislative session.

Another was Richard Moore's proposal to give the Governor a line item veto.

Now a third is Moore's DOT proposal.

Have any proposals come from the Republican candidates that all five folks running have weighed in on? Not that I can think of.

So the Democrats have better name recognition, more money, and seem to be controlling the agenda in the race.

No wonder Pat McCrory is thinking about running- he might be the GOP's only shot- if he could get through the primary.


Anonymous said...

...or maybe those issues Republicans are talking about are just politically unpalatable for Democrats.

Like 1) Corruption in democratically controlled Raleigh, 2) the outdated tax system, 3) millions of dollars in tax breaks to gigantic out-of-state companies.

You say "the Democrats have better name recognition, more money, and seem to be controlling the agenda in the race."

...but you forgot arrogance.

Tom Jensen said...

1) Republicans sure didn't have much success in North Carolina in 2006 tying Democrats to Jim Black's problems except for Jim Black himself. 2008 is unlikely to be any different.

2) What proposal has one of the Republican candidates made for improving the tax system? Nothing that has generated enough buzz to get the Democrats responding.

3) The only Republican candidate making a big deal out of incentives is Bob Orr, who seems quite unlikely to be their nominee barring some major movement in the next four months.

Anonymous said...

So what you're telling me is that the only Republican candidate to have had any success in shaping the agenda for this governor's race is the one least likely to get his party's nomination?

That says something about the state of the GOP in NC.

Anonymous said...

If Republicans can band together and not waste an election with Fred Smith or Bill Graham on the Ballot then Bob Orr could eaisly win this election. Want to hear someone with REAL IDEAS and a genuine interest in serving the people of North Carolina? Bob Orr is the man for the job. He got the experience and hes the only one who can get Democrats to come over and vote for him. I dont think Republicans want another Charlotte candidate - weve seen how that works out.

P.S. - leave it to a liberal organization to put more spin out there minimizing any Republicans chances. Typical...

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