Thursday, January 10, 2008

January Republican Tracking Poll: President

Mike Huckabee 27
John McCain 26
Mitt Romney 15
Fred Thompson 11
Rudy Giuliani 9
Ron Paul 4

There's only one real winner in this poll and that's John McCain. McCain went from just 8% in December's poll to a very close second place.

Huckabee, Thompson, and Giuliani all go in the loser category. Huckabee's lead dropped from 16 points last month to 1 this time around. Thompson, after leading the GOP field for most of the year in North Carolina, is down to fourth. And Giuliani fell from 17% and 2nd place to 9% and 5th place.

If Mike Huckabee is counting on running to the nomination by putting together strong victories in the south this isn't a good sign. John McCain's momentum after winning New Hampshire is clearly going a lot further than what Huckabee derived out of his success in Iowa.

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