Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More SurveyUSA

SurveyUSA also did a poll for our Senate primary:

Kay Hagan 37
Jim Neal 29

This one is really a mystery to me since we had it at 19-7 last week. Survey USA obviously asks its questions in a different way than us or somehow provides much more information about them than we do to have the two candidates with a combined 66% when we have them at a combined 26%.

In this instance I am pretty sure our numbers are a more accurate reflection of what's happening out there. These candidates are not very well known and that makes it hard for me to believe either of them has that much support at this point.

I always think the crosstabs by how people describe their ideology are interesting in Survey USA's polls since we don't ask about that. In some quarters this race has been described as a contest between the liberal wing on the party in Neal and the moderate/conservative wing of the party in Hagan. But that construct is not playing itself out in the polling numbers. Hagan leads 37-30 among liberals and 37-31 among moderates. So no real difference there.

Full poll.

I still think it's time for Kay Hagan and Jim Neal to get much more aggressive in going after Elizabeth Dole sooner than later, as I wrote about Monday. I may have more on that later this week.

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