Thursday, January 31, 2008

Georgia Results

Barack Obama 51
Hillary Clinton 41

Judging from the South Carolina results, it looks like Barack Obama is going to do pretty well in states like Georgia where more than a third of the Democratic primary electorate is African American.

In Georgia he gets 73% of the black vote. He trails Clinton 56-36 on the white vote, but that keeps it close enough to afford him a solid overall lead.

The gender gap in the state is minimal. Obama leads 50-42 among women and 53-39 with men.

Mitt Romney 32
John McCain 31
Mike Huckabee 24
Ron Paul 3

It looks like Georgia may play out in a way similar to Florida. It's very competitive between Romney and McCain, and anything could happen in the next week.

Like most states, the economy and the war are the top issues in the minds of Georgia Republicans, and folks who have those as their top concerns favor McCain.

What's putting Romney in the lead is immigration, which polls as the third biggest issue for likely GOP voters in Georgia, and on which he has such large lead over McCain that it trumps McCain's advantages on the biggest Republican issues.

Full results here.

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