Friday, January 18, 2008

Moore Campaign Disingenuous

I criticized Bev Perdue this morning so I'll criticize Richard Moore this afternoon.

Campaign staffer Eli Kaplan went to BlueNC to say that 'we have a tremendous opportunity to retain the governorship this year' and insinuate that Perdue declining to debate Moore on WRAL was somehow going to be an impediment to that.

The biggest impediment I see ten months out from the general election to Democrats retaining the Governor's Mansion is the escalation of attacks between the Moore and Perdue campaigns, driving up both candidates' negatives. Although blame certainly lies on both sides, Moore's campaign has probably been more nasty, more often, and certainly started earlier.

Criticizing Perdue for failing to debate is perfectly fair game. But couching it in terms of Democratic electability this fall is pretty disingenuous for a campaign that has savaged and will doubtless continue to savage its primary opponent.

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