Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fundraising numbers?

We're a week into 2008 but unless I've missed it I haven't seen a single email from a North Carolina candidate bragging about their Q4 fundraising totals yet.

It could simply be because they aren't due for a few weeks yet, although candidates frequently float their numbers well ahead of the deadline, especially if they're good.

Those numbers will certainly tell some interesting tales. I'm most curious about the US Senate race. Jim Neal and Kay Hagan have both been running pretty low key campaigns. Hagan is a slight favorite right now but if either of them has a significant money advantage I think they would have a leg up in the primary.

Bev Perdue and Richard Moore, two politicians who rarely pass on the opportunity to one up each other, have been silent as well. I'm guessing they're in a prisoners dilemma situation, each waiting to see what the other does first.

In the GOP gubernatorial race there has been a significant cash deficit relative to their Democratic counterparts. Are any of them catching up?

And in the Democratic Lieutenant Governor race, have Hampton Dellinger and Walter Dalton continued to stay neck and neck well on their way to a million?

We'll find out all the answers in the coming weeks I suppose.

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