Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Florida Results: Romney leads

Mitt Romney 28
John McCain 25
Rudy Giuliani 19
Mike Huckabee 15
Ron Paul 5

Folks have wondered if John McCain can win a closed primary with only Republicans voting, and our Florida poll shows that may be a real issue. Mitt Romney has a three point lead over McCain in the state.

The key to Romney's lead is the immigration issue. 15% of the state's GOP voters listed immigration as their biggest concern and within that group, 50% support Romney compared to just 14% for McCain. It isn't the biggest issue in the state- the economy and the war in Iraq were listed by more respondents- but it is the one creating the greatest separation between one candidate and the rest of the pack.

McCain leads Romney 31-25 among people most concerned about the war and 29-25 with folks most concerned about the economy, but those margins aren't enough to offset Romney's advantage among the immigration folks.

Full results here

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