Monday, January 14, 2008

A memo to Kay Hagan and Jim Neal.

Ok guys. You've been in the race for almost three months each. And neither of you is polling over 20%. An active Democrat I talked to recently called your campaigns 'comatose.'

I know you're busy raising money. That's understandable. But you're not going to beat Elizabeth Dole by doing one thing at a time.

You need to start attacking. Now. It's going to take ten months of non stop attacks to have a chance at knocking her off. So get to it.

I keep reading that you're making lots of speeches to small groups across the state. That's good. If you go to give a speech somewhere, put out a press release about how Dole has never been there in the six years she's 'served' us in the Senate, and that you're going to be a different kind of Senator. A Senator who actually represents North Carolina and comes back here on the weekends and gets out of the car and talks to real North Carolinians.

You're barely ever in the news. The reality is that just doing your thing doesn't get you in the news. Look at the Governors race. Fred Smith, Bill Graham, and Bob Orr have been running pretty low key campaigns. They're not getting all that much attention. Bev Perdue and Richard Moore are drawing blood. They're getting plenty of attention.

Start drawing blood. But don't draw each other's blood. Draw Dole's blood. Starting now, at least two times a week, send out a press release outlining how her tenure has been bad for North Carolina. There's no shortage of issues or opportunities to do it.

And I'll tell you what, going back to that money thing. Democrats in North Carolina are looking for someone who's really willing to take on Dole. You start bringing her down, you'll also start bringing in more cash. People don't want to make an investment until they see that you're willing to fight. So start fighting. And I don't mean next month. I mean tomorrow.

I'm one of those undecided voters. I'm going to vote for whoever is going to really be willing to give it to Dole, because that's the only chance we're going to have at winning this thing.

That's your free advice from this pollster.


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