Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Survey USA North Carolina poll

Pat McCrory 27
Fred Smith 18
Bill Graham 15
Bob Orr 6

This poll was conducted Friday through Monday. I think the mass of press coverage that McCrory got over the weekend probably pushed him up a little higher than in the poll we did last Wednesday. The survey shows him doing a little better outside Charlotte than ours did.

McCrory leads Fred Smith by only five points among the 68% of respondents who identified themselves as conservatives but leads with 31% among moderates to 14% for Bill Graham and 12% for Smith.

Full poll

Bev Perdue 45
Richard Moore 36

Something that's interesting in both this poll and the poll Survey USA did in the state in November is that they show a lot fewer undecideds in the Governors race than we do. I'm not sure what they do differently that has that result.

The nine point lead for Perdue is in line with what most of our recent polling has shown, as well as what Survey USA did in November. I think our poll last week showing Perdue up 16 points may have been an outlier but I guess we'll see as we get closer to the election.

Full poll

Mike Huckabee 28
John McCain 27
Fred Thompson 15
Mitt Romney 10
Rudy Giuliani 10

Virtually identical to our poll last week except SUSA shows Fred Thompson doing better and Mitt Romney doing worse. Not sure what to chalk that up to.

Full poll

Barack Obama 36
Hillary Clinton 32
John Edwards 21

I think this is the first North Carolina poll to show Obama with an outright lead. It's also about the poorest Edwards has polled in the state I think.

Full poll

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