Thursday, January 10, 2008

January Democratic Tracking Poll: President

Clinton 31
Obama 29
Edwards 27

It looks like Barack Obama got the greatest amount of momentum from Iowa and New Hampshire in North Carolina. This is his strongest performance ever in the state. Some speculated that Obama's support among African American voters would increase after he showed he could win in Iowa and this poll lends some credence to that theory. He received over 60% of the support of black voters in this survey. Obama also leads the Democratic primary field among independent voters.

Hillary Clinton maintains the overall lead, although it is not as large as it was last month.

The big loser, of course, is John Edwards. His third place finish underscores the fact that he is losing his momentum everywhere, including his home state. He'll need to do something surprising in Nevada or South Carolina to turn it around or else his chances are close to zero.

Full results here.

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