Monday, January 21, 2008

What we're up to this week

Assuming all goes well:

Tonight we will run our second poll testing general election matchups for President, Senate, and Governor in North Carolina.

We'll release the results for President and Senate on Tuesday. When we did that poll last month John Edwards was the best candidate, leading all potential match ups. My guess would be that mantle will go over to John McCain this time. In the Senate race, Elizabeth Dole was over 50% against both Jim Neal and Kay Hagan last month. It'll be interesting to see if that continues while the Democratic challengers continue to run pretty quiet campaigns.

We'll release the results for Governor on Wednesday. Last month Bev Perdue was leading all four possible match ups, while Richard Moore led two of four, trailing Bill Graham and Pat McCrory. My guess for this month is that each of the Democrats will be leading three of four match ups but trailing McCrory.

Tonight we'll also run a South Carolina Democratic Presidential poll. When we did one a week and a half ago, Barack Obama had a 13 point lead over Hillary Clinton in the state. We'll see if Nevada gave her any momentum- I doubt it. One thing that could cause a shift is even more support falling away from John Edwards after his pitiful Nevada showing- will those folks go over to Clinton or Obama? We'll release those numbers tomorrow, and poll South Carolina one more time Thursday night before Saturday's contest.

Tomorrow night we'll run a Florida Republican poll and release that Wednesday. Are Rudy Giuliani's hopes going to slip further away or will his unusual strategy be validated? Can John McCain win a closed primary? Is Mitt Romney going to win any states that his fellow candidates take seriously too? We'll try to get some answers to those questions. We'll also run a second Florida poll Sunday night.

Stay tuned to PPP this week for all sorts of polling fun.

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