Thursday, January 10, 2008

January Democratic Tracking Poll: the Other Stuff

US Senate:

Kay Hagan 19
Jim Neal 7
John Ross Hendrix 4
Duskin Lassiter 4

There continues to be very little movement in the race. Jim Neal barely out polls fringe candidates John Ross Hendrix and Duskin Lassiter. Hagan expands her lead over Neal from 9 points last month to 12 this month, but actually has her standing drop from 22 to 19. I'm going to be writing a longer post about our Senate candidates later this week or early next week.

Lieutenant Governor:

Pat Smathers 9
Walter Dalton 9
Dan Besse 8
Hampton Dellinger 7

Same old, same old except there are even more undecideds this month than there had been recently.


Janet Cowell 14
David Young 13
Michael Weisel 6

Cowell and Young have been closely matched with Weisel further behind in all the polling we've done on this race.

Superintendent of Public Instruction:

June Atkinson 38
Eddie Davis 12

Atkinson has increased her lead every month since we started polling on this race in October.

Full results here.

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