Friday, January 25, 2008

The McCrory show continues on

After exposing nephew-gate this week, about the last place I would have expected to see myself quoted is in one of Pat McCrory's campaign emails.

Nevertheless, just got an email quoting something I wrote on the blog Wednesday:
Pat McCrory is the closest of the Republicans, trailing Bev Perdue by 2 and Richard Moore by 5. Smith is the weakest general election candidate, trailing Perdue by 13 and Moore by 17.
Who did they attribute the quote to? Tom Jenson of Public Policy Polling. Of course my name is Tom Jensen. The misspellings just keep on coming!

In relating the results of our general election match ups from earlier this week they stated:
Those are stunning numbers considering Republican voters were outpolled by Democratic voters by a whopping 9 point margin.
It simply is not a novel thing that there were more Democrats included in our poll than Republicans. As I've pointed out before Civitas, which I don't think anyone is accusing of liberal bias, included a higher percentage of Democrats in their poll this week than we did.

I guess the McCrory campaign's lack of understanding of weighting polls to represent the demographics of the population being surveyed extends beyond the nephew, unless the nephew wrote this email, which seems possible.

Anyway I was just honored that they referred to me as a 'polling expert.'

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Anonymous said...

You have to wonder who is heading up this campaign. If this is any reflection on McCrory's udnerstanding of polls and the use of the english language, the Democratic nominee will roll to victory. Orr and Graham seem to be the most intelligent in the GOP field.

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