Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sexiest Presidential Candidates Poll

PPP asked South Carolina voters who they thought the sexiest candidate for President of either party was. The results:

John Edwards 16
Mitt Romney 11
Hillary Clinton 11
Barack Obama 10
John McCain 4
Fred Thompson 3
Mike Huckabee 2
Rudy Giuliani 1
None of the candidates are sexy 41

Some Republicans have claimed that the media is giving more attention to the Democratic candidates because of liberal bias. But this poll shows that maybe it's just because the Democrats are sexier. Even in heavily Republican South Carolina, 37% of respondents chose a Democrat while just 21% chose a Republican. Of course the big winner was 'none of the candidates are sexy' with 41%.

The poll also shows that sexy isn't enough to get folks to vote for you. Among Republicans, Mitt Romney was the top choice in the sexy primary with 17%, but he was third in the Presidential primary. John McCain, leading for President, ties for fourth for sexiness among Republicans with Hillary Clinton!

Among Democrats it's a three way tie with John Edwards and Hillary Clinton at 23% and Barack Obama just behind at 22%. Sadly for Edwards' Presidential hopes, more Democratic primary voters think he's the sexiest candidate than think he's the best candidate for President. He received just 16% in that poll.

When we've tested possible general election matchups in Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina they've all shown John Edwards as the strongest possible Democratic nominee because of the crossover support he can earn from Republicans. That trend continues to the sexiness primary. Edwards is second behind Romney among likely GOP primary voters.

Anyway, full results and crosstabs here.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you got some serious flak for this poll from some Huffington Post blogger:


Just thought I'd let you know.

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