Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Just got off the phone with someone from the Family Policy Council who politely informed me that Civitas did a poll on bullying bill and got the opposite results from us. I told her that Civitas had a way of getting the answers they want.

Which of these polling questions do you think is more even handed?

This is how they worded it:

"Do you think public schools in North Carolina should implement an anti-bullying policy that requires students be taught that homosexuality, bisexuality, cross-dressing and other behaviors are normal and acceptable?"

This is how we worded it:

"There is currently a proposal in the General Assembly that specifies the need to protect children from bullying based on their sexual orientation. Do you think this provision should be passed into law?"

I'm pretty sure we win the prize for fairness on that one.


Francis said...

Tom - Based on the date on your release I assume you did the poll today. That would mean that no one who has a day job would be able to answer the poll.

Rasmus said...

The release date is not often the same as the polling date. Rasmussen, who is a very fast automatic pollster, needs roughly 2-3 days to release it´s poll, so I´d be surprised if PPP released it´s polls on the same day they are conducted.

Probably they took the poll 7/13-7/14 or so.

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