Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sheriff Taylor Would Split His Ticket

Who would Andy Taylor vote for President?

John McCain 35
Barack Obama 25
Bob Barr 5

Who would Andy Taylor vote for Governor?

Bev Perdue 34
Pat McCrory 23
Michael Munger 6

North Carolinians think that if Sheriff Taylor was voting today, he'd be a ticket splitter, going Republican for President and Democratic for Governor.

The good Sheriff always came across as a moderate Democrat, and the voting pattern respondents think he would adopt is one that explains why North Carolina votes Republican for President election after election while continuing by and large to elect Democratic Governors.

It's surprising to see so many folks think he would vote Libertarian, but then again given how bumbling most of the people sent down from Raleigh to watch over him through the years were one can see why he would think reducing the size of government and returning power to the local level would be a prudent move.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few Sheriffs across our state who will be voting this exact same way this fall- for North Carolina to go Democratic in the Presidential race they'll have to nominate a candidate who can nail down those Andy Taylor style voters.

Full results here.

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