Tuesday, July 15, 2008

South Carolina Senate

Lindsey Graham 52
Bob Conley 21
Mark McBride 10

Lindsey Graham 54
Bob Conley 32

Whether former Myrtle Beach Mayor Mark McBride manages to get on the ballot or not, Lindsey Graham is likely to win an easy reelection to the US Senate.

While the conventional wisdom is that McBride would pull conservative voters away from Graham, it appears that his presence would actually hurt Conley more. Conley polls 11 points higher without McBride in the race than with him. It's only a two point difference for Graham.

Conley is certainly not a typical Democratic candidate, and that fact seems to have Democratic voters skeptical about him. In the three way race he earns only 40% of the Democratic vote with Graham at 24% and McBride at 7%. Head to head with Graham he leads 57-22, a better performance but not one that's going to put him anywhere close to winning.

Full results here.

1 comment:

PerfesserCoffee said...

Unfortunately for traitor Lindsey Graham, all that has to happen now is for Bob Conley's name to get out to more folks.

Everyone I've talked to chooses Bob over Loser Graham when offered the choice.

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