Tuesday, July 29, 2008

North Carolina President

John McCain 47
Barack Obama 44
Bob Barr 3

Every North Carolina poll since Hillary Clinton left the race has shown the race close but with John McCain in the lead, and this one continues that trend.

Barack Obama's ability to win North Carolina may depend on the extent to which he is able to keep the election focused on the economy. It's the top issue for 47% of voters in the state, and among those people he has a strong 53-38 lead. He gets beaten badly though among those who are most concerned with moral and family values or immigration. The more North Carolinians are focused on pocketbook issues instead of social issues, the more likely it is that Obama will win.

Obama's 82-8 lead with black voters is more than offset by McCain's 57-34 advantage with whites. He has the lead in the Triad, Triangle, and African American heavy NE North Carolina while McCain leads in the Mountains, greater Charlotte area, and SE coast.

Full results here.


Anonymous said...

For me, NC will be very very close. Obama needs a little more from white voters with 90% votes from the minorities(25%(AA and Hispanics)), he can win.
If he gets 35-37% from white voters, NC will have a recount.

Anonymous said...

he's got my white, creative class vote.

Anonymous said...

Obama has a great chance of winning NC and McSame is going to have a hard time defending the over half a dozen red states-gone purple. Obama is on his way to a landslide win come November; Mark my words!

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